Ion Technology in Hot Air Brushes

Ion Techonology

If you have been reading through my reviews you have probably noticed that most of the hot air brushes use something called ion technology. As this term was totally unknown to me before I started using hot air brushes and I think it sounds a bit technical, I wanted to go into more detail so that you can really understand what this technology is and how it is used in hot air brushes to make them more effective. Hopefully this article will clarify exactly what this ion technology is, so you can decide if you really need it on your hot air brush or not.

What is Ion Technology in Hot Air Brushes?

When your hot air brush uses ion technology it essentially becomes an electric ionizer, meaning that it is a device that creates or generates negative ions. These ions, when released into your hair, will neutralize the positive ions in it. The act of brushing your hair or even using a towel to dry it can remove most of its negative ions and leave only positive ions. When this happens you will be susceptible to hair problems like frizz, static and flyaway, as the strands of your hair will repel each other when there are only positive ions present. Your brush generates negative ions when it starts to heat up because the ions are activated by heat. This is why hot air brushes use electricity, butane or batteries to power them. So using a hot air brush with ion technology will release large amounts of negative ions into your hair during the drying process and restore its ionic balance, eliminating unwanted hair conditions such as static and frizz.

Benefits of Ion Tech in Hot Air Brushes

Now you should have a pretty good idea of what ion technology is and you didn’t even have to take a chemistry course! So now let’s look at how you can benefit from using a hot air brush that uses ion technology, like the Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin Styler. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that when you use a hot hairbrush with ion technology you will be able to get rid of frizz and drastically reduce static in your hair. The negative ions that will be released into your hair will bond with it and seal off any broken cuticles such as those found on split ends; this means that your hair will not break as easily as it would do otherwise.

You will be able to dry your hair much faster with these ionic brushes as well, because they cause the water molecules to fall much faster. As your hair will dry faster, you will not be as vulnerable to the type of hair damage that normally results from overexposure to heat. And then there is my personal favorite advantage to using brushes with ion technology – they lock more moisture into your hair, making your hair healthier, softer, shiner, and more manageable. That is the type of hair that we all want, isn’t it?


It may be obvious that I am a fan of these types of brushes. Even though they will normally cost more than regular hot air brushes, they clearly hold many benefits for your hair and its health and so I believe they are worth it. Especially if you use heated brushes on you hair often, I would definitely recommend that you invest in the best possible brush that will cause the least amount of damage.