How to Get The Most From Your Hot Air Brush

Using Brush

There is more to using a hot air brush than just plugging it in and running it through your hair. If you want to get the most effective use out of your hot air brush then you will be happy to get the information in this article! I will be sharing with you my best tips on how to correctly use a hot air brush and how to get the most out of it when drying and styling your hair.

Warm Up!

Just as with any exercise routine, when it comes to using a hot air brush you don’t want to skip the warm-up portion of your hair routine. Even on days when you are running late, you still need to allow your brush to heat up to the appropriate temperature before you use it in your hair. Avoid the temptation to use your brush as soon as you plug it in, as this will either cause you to have an uneven look or end up taking much longer because you need to go over some sections more than once. Waiting until your brush gets to the correct temperature will save you time in the long run and allow you to quickly get the gorgeous look that you want.

Section Off!

My next tip is to section your hair before you use your hot air brush, rather than just randomly running it through parts of you hair. Sectioning will ensure that you do not brush thin strands of your hair. Applying heat to thin strands can cause damage such as breakage; when you section your hair it will be in thicker bunches that will protect it from the heat to a large degree. You should start making sections at the back of your head and work your way to the sides and then up to the top of your head. Make sure that the sections are relatively equal in size so that the end result will be well balanced.

Let The Brushing Begin!

Now that your hair is sectioned off and your brush is nice and hot you can start brushing! For best results brush from the root of each section to the tip; brush the hair gently. This will add volume to your hair, but if you want to add even more volume you can apply a volumizing spray and/or foam to your hair before brushing it. Your hair should also be mostly dry (about 80% dry) when you start to use your hot air brush. When using a curling brush you should slowly brush from root to tip and then roll your hair around the brush back up to the root. Hold it in the position for about 5 seconds and then…

Cool Down!

As with most things that begin with a warm-up, styling your hair with a hot air brush will also end with a cool-down. After you have the hair wrapped around the brush for about 5 seconds you should ideally let it cool for another 10 seconds before you pull the brush out. To facilitate this step in the brushing process most hot air brushes will have a “cool” setting/button, so all you will have to do in most cases is press a button and the brush will automatically cool down. This cooling step will help your hair to set and define the curls. Once the section you are working on is cool you can then move on to the next section and repeat the process.

Follow these tips and people will start thinking that you have just had your hair done at the salon every time you use your hot air brush. It can be your new secret weapon for looking fabulous. Go ahead, let them think a professional did your hair; they don’t need to know any different and I certainly won’t tell them.