Professional, Rotating and Ceramic Hot Air Brush Reviews

Welcome to the bouncy and voluminous world of hot air brushes! Or should I say the super-curly and silky-straight world of hot air stylers? Either way, here you will find my top picks for the best hot air brushes to keep your hair looking fresh and on ‘fleek’. I love my hair and I am very careful about the products and tools that I use on it, so I did a lot of research to make sure that I only provide you with the best information. I cannot imagine life without my air brush and so I approach choosing one as I would a life partner. Hopefully you will find your perfect hot air brush among my best picks!

Best Hot Air Brush Overall

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Rotating Brush

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Rotating Brush

Are you looking to add volume and shine to your hair quickly? Well, it doesn’t matter if you have thick or thin hair, or if it is short or long – the multidirectional 2-inch barrel on this air brush will not only rotate to style your hair while it’s wet, but it will also retain heat as a curling iron does. This tool is a must-have for anyone who is serious about hairstyling. It will adapt to your needs in order to provide an excellent shine that comes with surprising volume.


Because the rotating barrels I mentioned are bidirectional, they can move sharply both forwards and backwards. The controls are ergonomically placed to give the brush a natural, solid feeling in your hand, and minimum discomfort after long periods of use. The bristles are plastic, but they don’t snag on thick hair like mine. The Babyliss Rotating Brush also has multiple settings – cool, low, and high. It works great for all hair lengths, even for people who may think that the barrel is too long. Give it only 10 minutes and you will look and feel like you just left the salon!

All Hair Types

Let’s say you have stitched in a weave or like to wear wigs. Well, all you have to do is spray a little heat styler on your dry hair before using the Babyliss Pro and you are good to go. If you have natural hair it will also work quite well whether your hair is wet or dry. Even if you have very frizzy hair or hair that is wavy or curly, no worries! The Babyliss Pro Nano will curl your hair easier than if you were to use a round brush and a dryer on your hair.

Best 2-Inch Hot Air Brush

Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Styler

Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin Styler

If you have long hair, or maybe it’s not so long but you like bigger curls, then you should check out the Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin Styler, which I think is the best 2-inch air brush on the market. This brush is from a trusted and well-known manufacturer of styling equipment, Infinity, but that is not the only reason I selected it. I selected it because it uses advanced technology to safely dry your hair and it also doesn’t tangle your hair, all while giving you more volume and shine.

Ion Technology

The Infiniti Pro Spin Styler uses ion technology so that it does not cause damage to your hair in the drying process, the way most regular air brushes will. This technology allows the brush to release about 100 times more ions that what you could create from natural sources. If that all sounds like something from a chemistry class, what it basically means is that it makes more ions and ions are things that help to protect your hair and seal in more moisture.

Tangle- Free

My hair is thick, and getting tangled after I shampoo seems to be something that my hair can do effortlessly, so I am always looking out for ways to make detangling easier; this hot air brush from Infiniti seems to be able to do just that. It has anti-static bristles that help prevent your hair from tangling in the first place. So if you also have entanglement issues with your hair this may be a good option for you.

Best for the Money

Revlon Shine Enhancing Hot Air Kit

Revlon Shine Enhancing Hot Air Kit

On a budget but need a versatile styling tooling that is easy to use? Well, this brush is a two-in-one tool that can be yours for a super-affordable price. It doubles as a regular hair dryer and a styler that provides you with the option of two types of curls: Big Fat Curls, or Small Spirals. Not only does it have multiple built-in features, but there is also a very small learning curve when using for the first time. It includes both a 1 inch and a 1.5 inch styling attachment that uses ION technology for silky, smooth hair and reduced drying times! It also infuses moisture into your hair to prevent frizziness and add more volume for all lengths and types of hair. The aluminum terminal barrels keep heat and create extra big curls for ladies with thick hair like myself. It also has an airflow concentrator attachment to regulate the temperature.


This hot air brush from Revlon would have come in handy last month when I was traveling, as I did not have the time to pack a curling iron and blow dryer, or even a round brush. I love the convenience this tool will provide; you can dry your hair thoroughly within half an hour. Plus the bristles of the brush are just right – they are very flexible and not too hard; perfect for my kind of hair, which loves to tangle itself.


It has three heat settings (hot, warm, and cool) and three speed settings (slow, medium, and fast) that allow you to be flexible with your preference. It is really easy to use. No longer do you have to spend money at hairdressers and hire professional stylists; you can get gorgeous, shiny curls all by yourself with the Revlon Shine Enchancing Hot Air Kit!

Best for Dry or Wet Hair

Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet/Dry Styler

Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler

If you want to add volume and shine to your hair while drying it safely, this beautiful hot air brush from Infiniti is a great option. Its ceramic technology helps to promote healthy hair, and with two heat settings it is great for all hair types. The multidirectional brush will rotate in both directions as it adds shine and volume your hair. It even has a removable filter to allow for easy lint cleanup in order to extend the motor’s life. And to top everything off, it has anti-static bristles that are tangle-free.

Wet or Dry

The Infiniti Pro Wet/Dry Styler is not only good looking, it is also very functional. As they name suggests, this brush is perfect for styling hair that is either dry or wet. It styles your hair perfectly even without the spin function, to give you flexibility in customizing the volume you want for your hair. You won’t feel shackled when using this brush, as it gives you the freedom to volumize exactly how you want to and shine as you dry your hair. The spinning brush also opens up the possibilities to numerous techniques and styles to keep your look interesting and fresh on a weekly basis. It will add volume to your hair and allow you to create distinct looks that most other brushes cannot.

Silky and Smooth

The BC178 was designed with ion technology that allows for achieving smooth, frizz-free hair without causing damage. In fact, it actually promotes healthier and silkier hair! The ionic generator can release up to 100x more ions than those that are created and concentrated from all natural sources; this will help to protect your hair from heat damage, as well as to seal in more moisture for silky, smooth hair, and gorgeous, shiny results. And what is even better is how lightweight this brush actually is. Ergonomically, the design will make it easy to dry your hair from any and all angles, no matter if you have long or short hair. It is really well-balanced and easy to move, plus the handle has excellent grip.

Best Straightening Brush

La Belle Vue Heated Ceramic

La Belle Vue Heated Ceramic Straightening Brush

If you would like the ultimate styling power from static-free ceramic heated bristles then this is the straightening brush for you. You don’t have to worry about wasting energy or power if you forget to turn it off, as this heated brush from La Belle will turn off automatically after 1 hour, and the silicone tips actually prevent it from burning. The cord will rotate 360º for easy usage, and it only takes about 90 seconds to heat up to 450°F with a 110V – 230V US plug. Plus, it is a pretty colorful brush that is attractive and looks good in your hand.

Fast and Convenient

The La Belle Vue can straighten your hair in half the time that it will take most normal straighteners, because it has the convenience of a hair brush but the effectiveness of a heated straightener. The La Belle Vue Brush is definitely one of the easiest ways that you can straighten your hair and, to make things even better, it enables you to get to the roots without burning your scalp! It will save you a lot of time as it allows you to straighten larger sections of your hair than a normal flat iron would.

More Bounce and Body

This straightening brush was designed to give your hair more body, whereas a typical straightener will tend to leave it flat and dull. When you purchase it the package comes with the straightener, a velvet drawstring bag for storage, and, of course, the easy-to-read manual with simple instructions to get started right out the box. It’s also great that it heats up quickly, for those of us who are in a hurry to get to work or go on that hot date.

Best Fusion Air Brush

Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler

Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler

This is the only styling tool that you can hold with both hands and not get burned from hot plates or barrels, because the ceramic barrels have variable heat settings that go up to 390º F. You have probably seen this hair styler advertised on TV, as they have a big marketing campaign.


It’s an all-in-one hair styler that can replace your hairbrush, curling iron, and flat iron; you are basically getting three tools in one. When you purchase the Calista Perfecter you will get a detangle brush, three styling clips, and a thermal travel case for added convenience. This heated round brush uses ionic technology that helps to hydrate and heal your hair. Use it to get salon-quality hairstyles that you can easily achieve at home; create silky, straight styles or add beautiful, bouncy curls with ease. This brush is also great for removing frizz and providing a smooth, lush texture. All of this can be achieved in only three minutes!

Salon Quality

The styler was created by Maria McCool, a stylist that has been in the business for over 25 years. So you know that you can’t expect anything less than greatness. This hot air brush is capable of giving you the salon-quality styling for which you would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars. The pro-quality bristles will work perfectly to help you smooth, direct, and lift your hair. It has two temperature settings, and boasts an automatic shut-off after an hour so you never have to worry about remembering to turn it off.

Best Premium Brush

John Frieda® Salon Shape 1.5 Inch Styler

John Frieda® Salon Shape 1.5 Inch Styler

John Frieda® is known for it’s sleek and professional design, and it does not disappoint with this air brush. The Salon Shape Brush has advanced ionic technology that provides up to 50% more ions than a regular hot air brush – to dry every single strand and give you the shine and volume your hair deserves. It has enhanced air control with two heat settings plus a cool setting. The swivel cord, along with titanium ceramic-coated barrel, adds an extra finish to the unique look and feel that you can expect from John Frieda.

Advanced Technology

The advanced ionic technology is great for healthy, smooth results. It generates up to 50 times more ions, and allows for smooth hair that shines without frizziness, making your hair a lot more manageable. It may take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it the John Frieda brush performs great with all lengths and types of hair. The brush is not as noisy as a hair dryer, so I could use it in the night and not disturb my partner. It should be great for achieving fabulous hair that you would normally have to go to the hair salon to get.

Ergonomic Design

The JFHA5 is not only ergonomic, but also lightweight, making it easy for extended use – not that you will be using it for long, because it dries your hair pretty quickly. But it’s also great for those awkward angles that other air brushes may find difficult to reach. It is well-balanced for simple movement, and has a contoured handle that makes the grip comfortable to hold. The bristles are really great with hair; they slip through your hair soft as butter. You also have two different types of bristles that you can use – a short set of normal soft bristles or a longer, stiffer set of bristles with rounded tips – depending on the look that you are after.

To Conclude

As you can see, there are many different products to choose from if you’re looking for a great hot air brush. The one you choose will depend on the type of hair you have and the price range of your budget, but choose wisely because you may just get a brush that has extra features you do not need, or pay too much for one that lacks exactly what your hair is longing for. My best picks should help you avoid situations like these and keep your hair looking silky and smooth. Thank you for reading. I really hope I have influenced you in a positive way to make an educated decision when purchasing your next hot air brush.

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